How we do it?

Step 1: Organic pretreatment

Each piece must go through the tunnel washer where spray cleaning is applied in seven stages:

1.- Alkaline cleaner with temperature control.
2.- Cleaner - Rinse.
3.- Tap rinse water.
4.- Tap rinse water.
5.- Nanoceramic phosphate pretrearment with zirconium
6.- Demineralized water rinse - Tap water rinse
7.- Demineralized water rinse

Step 2: Curing process

In a continuous oven at 356 F and additional air curtain.

Step 3: Powder application

Already prepared, the pieces enter a clean room wich keeps the application area isolated from the rest of the plant. The powder is applicated with a Nordson XL 2001 equipment with 8 automatic guns and movers, and one post retouch manual station.

System is computer controlled and constantly monitored by our personnel. We have 2 additional Gema Optiflex equipment for support.

In batch line painting is applied in a nordson cabin type cyclone.

Step 4: Curing process

Each piece enters a batch oven for proper drying.

The oven is controlled by computer, each piece is dried at a temperature of 400 Farenheit degrees for 12 minutes.