Our quality system is supported by continuous improvement and the seek of zero rejects.

Quality system

Is a corner stone for the success of the projects, we use a quality management system based upon the international standard ISO-9000:2015, with somme suppor tools taken from IATF 16949:2016 system like the PPAP and the FMEA.


ISO 9001:2015, 139245-2013-AQ-MCI-RvA, the aplication of electrostatic powder coating, BSI

Furthermore due to INFINISH´s commitment to the care of the environment and the sustainability of future generations, Infinish implements a system for energy management based on the ISO 50001:2011 with the objetive of optimizing the use of its energy consumption.

Within the energy sector, Infinish also receives acknowledgement for its participation in the Supplier development program of the Secretary of Economy, Federal Electricity Commission and the program of United Nations for development within the leading companies program.

As a Guanajuato state company, Infinish receives the GTO brand award RDGTO183 with the scope of powder application and industrial screen printing awarded by the Intituto Mexico de Normalización y Certificación AC.